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Saints vs. Titans: MCM Radio Preview

August and I spent 30+ minutes last night talking about the Titans match-up with the Saints. This game is one of few that has not changed in my eyes since the schedule came out. It looked like an L when the schedule first came out, and it still looks like an L to me now. That doesn't mean the Titans can't win, but it is a really tough match-up.

The one thing that makes me feel a little bit better about this game is the fact that all 3 of the Saints' losses have been on the road, and two of those losses were to bad teams- the Rams and Buccaneers. All of that to say it is going to take the Titans best game of the season to win this game.

I have lined up Dave Cariello of Canal Street Chronicles for a 15 minute show that we will do Thursday night at 9.

MCM Radio 12/6

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