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Titans 23 Bills 17: Grading the Defense

The Titans' defense had some big problems against the run yesterday. They allowed C.J. Spiller to average 5.9 yards per carry (14 for 83) and Tashard Choice to average 4 yards per carry (5 for 20). There were some big holes to run through, but there were also a lot of missed tackles that led to some of those numbers. They better learn to tackle before the Saints come to town.

Grade: C

The Titans did a nice job against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills' passing attack. Fitzpatrick did end the day with 288 yards passing, but it took him 46 attempts to get there. They did a really good job getting their hands up and tipping passes. Of course Colin McCarthy set the tone for tipping passes when he batted one away on the first play of the game- not only is he a monster, he is also a tone setter.

The one thing we need to see more of from this defense is a pass rush. They were only able to tally one sack on those 46 attempts yesterday, and it was a coverage sack.

Grade: B