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Titans 23 Bills 17: Grading the Offense

The run game has shown a lot of improvement the last couple of weeks. The line blocked well last week. This week it was all Chris Johnson. We hammered CJ earlier in the year because he wasn't running the ball well. Today he did. He made chicken salad out of chicken-you-know-what a couple of times today. It is good to see him running the ball now like he did the last few years. It is just too bad that the line isn't very good.

All of that being said, it is impossible to give the run game anything other than an A today because the final numbers were 31 carries for 187 yards and 2 touchdowns. That is 6.0 yards per carry, and even includes the play where Matt Hasselbeck took a knee.

Grade: A

The passing offense was not as good. Hasselbeck really hasn't played well the last couple of weeks. He missed a wide open Damian Williams on the first drive twice. His final numbers for the day were 16 of 25 for 140 yards.

The pass protection hasn't been as good the last couple of weeks either. That probably explains part of the reason why Hasselbeck hasn't been playing as well. This offensive line better get good at pass blocking again because that is the only thing they really have a chance at being good at.

Grade: C