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Lions vs. Saints Sunday Night Football Open Thread

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This one tonight should be fun to watch. Both of these teams feature offenses that are explosive and defenses that are suspect. That is the recipe for a shootout, but somehow it seems like these games always end up being low scoring.

The Lions are desperate for a win in this one because their playoff chances are slowly slipping away. They looked like a lock when they started the season 5-0, but have lost four of their last six.

It is always fun to watch Drew Brees play. His command of the game and everything that goes on while the Saints are on offense is impressive to watch.

Of course there are a lot of Titans' ties in this game. You have a former Tennessee defensive coordinator coaching on both sides of the field with Jim Schwartz and Gregg Williams. Speaking of things that are fun to watch, those two guys are always fun to watch on the sideline.

Discuss this game below.