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Titans 23 Bills 17: Quick Recap

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SouthTexasTitan said on Twitter after the game that this team is going to put him in an early grave or the crazy house. I feel the exact same way. This was another one of those games where they came out on fire and did just enough to hold on for the win. I said earlier this morning that they were going to have to play 4 quarters to win the game. It turns that was not exactly the case.

It was good to see Chris Johnson have another big day. It is clear that he cannot run away from guys like he did a couple of years ago, but he can still run. Today was his second straight game with over 150 yards and averaging more than 6 yards per carry.

The defense played well enough to win, barely. Is there anything you hate more than seeing them in prevent defense in a situation like the one today at the end of the game? Watching that makes my skin crawl.

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