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Titans vs. Bills Final Thoughts

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This is a game the Titans have to win if they want to stay in the hunt. They have not won back to back games since September. Consistency has been their biggest problem, and it is something they will have to find if they are going to make a run.

This is the Titans first trip to Buffalo since 2006. He who shall not be named had a really good game in that one and led the Titans to a come from behind win.

I really like the Titans' chances today, but they are going to have to play all 4 quarters. The Bills' offense is not as good as it was at the beginning of the season, but they can still put points on the board. The Titans can't afford to have one of those games where they only play well for a half.

When you aren't watching the Titans game, here is your guide for who to cheer for in the other games. Be sure and be back here later to discuss the game in the open thread.