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NYT Previews Titans vs. Texans

The last time I linked to one of these I was outraged because Mike Tanier had picked the Colts to be beat the Titans. Well he picked against the Titans again, but I figure it can't happen twice. Here is what Tanier had to say about this week's game:

The scenario by which the Titans reach the playoffs has such a complex logical structure that if you actually type it into your computer as an executable file, the machine will gain sentience, start calling you Dave, and attempt to eliminate human error by making you fall face-first out of your office chair. ("There’s a Michigan state quarter on the floor by your feet, Dave.") The good news for the Titans, as for the Jets, is that the Raiders, the Bengals and the Broncos all play late games, so they can take care of their own business without listening for depressing news from elsewhere in the league. "When you’re playing a game and you hear that you’re done, it’s hard to take," Titans Coach Mike Munchak said Monday. Of course, if the Titans give up 222 rushing yards the way they did in their last meeting with the Texans (a 41-7 loss), they will not have to worry about the late games. Pick: Texans

He does have a good point when he says that the Titans are screwed if they can't stop the Texans' rushing attack.