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Week 17: Predictions From The Contributors and MikeGriffFan27

THROW ME THE BALL (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
THROW ME THE BALL (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did. P-Rat can tell you all about it. Hopefully this will not be our last PFTC for the 2011 season.

One of the last members of the MGMCC starts us off this week:

MikeGriffFan27 (7-7)

Okay. Normally I'd be pessimistic here because this Texans team is good. But I'm the feature prediction so I need drink some two-toned blue Koolaid. Not only am I going to predict the score, I am predicting that we destroy TJ Yates and Andre the Giant pulls his hammy again. Our defense will allow Arian to get over 100 yards, but only one TD, and it'll be from the red zone, not a giant run. Hass will destroy their secondary again with a Cookie/AllState combo. But the MVP will be #2.

Titans 24 - Texans 21

gramsey712 (7-6)

I have a bad feeling about this one. The Titans have not won a game they had to win since the 2004 playoffs, and I don't see it happening this week. I think I would feel better if it were in Nashville, but I see our season ending on Sunday with a loss to the Texans. We still can't tackle that a-hole Arian Foster.

Texans 20 - Titans 13

Jimmy (5-7)

I don't think my heart can take a repeat of 2006. I remember walking out of LP Field, or whatever it was called at the time, after the Titans got hammered by the Patriots thinking that it was OK because all of the other things the Titans needed to happen to make the playoffs wouldn't happen anyway. Well they did.

I chose to believe that this time will be different. Not making the playoffs would be tough either way, but it will much easier to stomach if we don't make it because we don't get the help we need from other teams. Titans hit a couple of big plays early in the game and hold on for a close win.

Titans 17 - Texans 14

dreese (6-4)

You guys, I just don't see it happening. We've come a long way from our week one embarrassment in Jacksonville, but I'm not convinced this is a team that has it in them to make the playoffs, or that they even deserve it. Of course, anything can happen when the other guys are trotting TJ Yates out there, but somehow it hasn't seemed to slow down Houston so far. Look for a heavy dose of Arian Foster and expect Hasselbeck to be on his back for a good portion of the game, unless we stop that from happening there's little to no chance the Titans pull this one out and sneak into the playoffs.

Texans 28 - Titans 17

SuperHorn (5-9)

I can't, with a good conscience, predict anything other than a win here. It'll be tough, though. This is a different team than we played earlier in the year, but not one that should easily be dismissed. Titans will need to manage turnovers, and force TJ Yates to beat us through the air. If we keep a minimum of seven guys in the box and stay gap sound, and I think we can win this one.

Titans 23 - Texans 17

ADub (5-7)

We shouldn't win this game on paper, and I hoestly won't be that pissed if we go down fighting. I just want to see lots of shots downfield, and a gameplan that is aggressive on both sides of the ball. A big focus on getting Cook involved regularly is a must.

Titans 17 - Texans 10

hal (3-5)

Well, at least we don't suck as bad as the Jags. I don't care who plays QB for the Texans, we will struggle to break in to the teens. Yes, the offense looked decent against Jacksonville's secondary full of practice squad players, but they still only put up 23 points, and Hasselbeck is still throwing stupid interceptions. I'd venture that Houston's D will have a monster fantasy day, and may even outscore our offense. You know Chris Johnson isn't going anywhere on Sunday, and you know our defense isn't stopping their running attack. While it won't be the same level of beat down as we saw earlier in the season, it wont be close either.

Texans 27 - Titans 13