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Titans vs. Bills: When Buffalo Has the Ball

The Buffalo Bills started off the season red hot on offense, but they have not been as good lately. They average almost 24 points per game on the year, but have not scored more than 24 points in a game since week 5 against the Eagles. Part of that is obviously due to the fact that Fred Jackson was lost for the year.

Their passing game is built on a lot of short timing routes. The Titans have typically had more trouble with that than teams that are really good at throwing the ball down the field. Tackling will be key for the secondary so that no short passes turn into big plays.

C.J. Spiller ran for just 55 yards on 19 carries in his first start last week. While Spiller has not been the threat the Bills hoped he would be when they drafted him, he still has game breaking speed. The Titans will need to play their assignments to make sure there is no crease Spiller can hit to make a big play.

Of course there really aren't any concerns anymore about the Titans' defense anymore because of two words- Colin. McCarthy.