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Fantasy Football Week 13: Looking for the Bright Spot Amongst My Finals...

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Another week of fantasy football advice from yours truly. This week we've got some big name RB's and WR's on the benching list. As Mario would say... HERE WE GO!!!

QB Starters

Tim Tebow


Eli Manning

As much as I dislike him, he should do well against a Packers defense that can be at times. Start him.

Matt Hasselbeck

As much as he disappointed last week, I still believe. Especially with the possibility of an actual run game. Start him.

Tony Romo

Up and down, up and down. This week he is up. The "best" back in the Cardinals backfield is Peterson and though his special teams play has been outstanding, he's been suffering big growing pains in the backfield. Start him.

Carson Palmer

Miami has been playing better but I still believe in Palmer. Start him.

Philip Rivers

A decimated Jaguars backfield doesn't pose much of a threat. Add in a mess of changes and you've got the perfect storm. Start him.

QB Benchers

Andy Dalton

Steelers. Bench him.

Colt McCoy

As much as I would love to see him destroy the Ravens, I just don't believe in it. Bench him.

Sam Bradford

Against one of the best defenses in the league, I don't like him. He hasn't been stellar this season and this game won't make him look any better. Bench him.

Joe Flacco

They may be the Browns... MAY.... But Flacco against Joe Haden? I'll take Haden. Bench him.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

He shined last week, but I think the Titans will keep him in line. They have one of the best trio's of corners in the league and with a LB corps that been shining with rookies Ayers, and McCarthy, I just don't see the game going in Fitzpatrick's favor. Bench him.

RB Starters

Chris Johnson

The Bills have also been a terrible defense of late. CJ really blew up last week and the line played well. Let's hope for more of that again this week. Start him.

Willis McGahee

He's regained form and being playing well. He has been sick this week but I'd expect him to be good by sunday. Start him.

Roy Helu, Jr.

My sleeper from the beginning of the year seems to have finally emerged. He is going against the Jets, but he can be used in so many ways that it's impossible for him to not even qualify as decent. Start him.

Mark Ingram

Without Suh the Lions are a lot less scary. Ingram is up and comer and this should be a good performance from him. Start him.

Donald Brown

They finally realize they can't pass without Peyton. Brown has been doing pretty good the Patriots defense has been a bit of a push over this year. Start him.

RB Benchers

Michael Turner

Texans have a tough run defense and I think the Texans will force the Falcons to beat them through the air. Bench him.

Cedric Benson

He has been playing surprisingly well lately but I generally don't like any RB against the Steelers. Bench him.

Steven Jackson

It's been a sad season for him and the Rams and the 49ers won't make it any easier. Bench him.

C.J. Spiller

Yeah the Titans have been suspect against the run game but CJ isn't gonna impress. McCarthy has been dominate against the run game and Spiller has been far from a superstar. Bench him.

WR Starters

Damian Williams

Our boy got back in the zone this last week and has been one of the best receivers in the AFC of late. The Bills also have one of the worst red-zone defenses... Mmm. Start him.

Antonio Brown

He's been destroying it lately. He hasn't been finding the end-zone but his yards have made him worth the start. Even if he is held out of the end-zone again, he should get the yardage he wants.

Torrey Smith

It's every other game he blows up. With Haden busy elsewhere, he could shine. Start him.

Eric Decker

He's good for a touchdown a week. Tebow really messes things up by not being able to hit much but Decker is at least good for a TD a game. The Vikings defense isn't immaculate and that makes it that much easier to say this. Start him.

WR Benchers

Anquan Boldin

Joe Haden. That is all. Bench him.

Andre Johnson

T.J. Yates. He devalues Johnson more than any injury ever could. Bench him.

A.J. Green

Ike Tayler and Troy Polamalu. That's my problem with this. Bench him.

TE Starters

Anthony Fasano

With McClain in custody, the middle of the field should be that much more open. Just do it. Start him.

Jared Cook

It was unfortunate he had to leave last weeks game. He was having a great game. Dustin Keller destroyed the Bills last week. Cookie could have a career game this week. Could. Start him.

Tony Scheffler

The Saints defense has just never impressed and until they really do I don't see why you'd sit anyone against them. In 3 of the 4 past weeks he has gotten a TD. Start him.

TE Benchers

Owen Daniels

With the injury to Leinart, I'm done with the Texans. Their RB's should be fine but this passing game probably won't be worth much fantasy wise for the rest of the season. Bench him/drop him.

Heath Miller

He had a terrible performance this last week and the Bengals kept him in check last time. Both of these are signs of an uninspiring performance. Bench him.

Scott Chandler

He can be a good weapon for the Bills, but with McCarthy in the middle the Titans have been a much more impressive LB corps. Don't believe the hype. Bench him.

D/ST Starters






D/ST Benchers






Good luck!

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