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Texans Don't Plan To Rest Their Starters

Nice play Griff!
Nice play Griff!

So I have been reading that the Texans plan to play all their starters this weekend mainly because they have lost the past two games. Gary Kubiak stated that he wants the team to get back into post season form, which confused me because they have never made the playoffs before. If you ask me, the past two games have been typical Texans post season form, so they can by all means continue down that path.

The Texans have locked up the 3rd seed in the playoffs, so the game this weekend against the Titans has no effect whatsoever as far as their seeding goes. While I can understand it is important for them to find some sort of rhythm going into the playoffs, part of me believes the Texans want to be the ones who eliminate us from post season contention.

Many playoff bound teams usually rest their starters for the last regular season game, and the Texans could risk adding more injuries to their already lengthy list. However, if it were me, I would play my starters as well the last game. I am just never a fan of resting the starters because it messes with the rhythm of the gameplay, that is not to say I do not understand the risks of doing this though.

As for the game, the Titans were, simply put, embarrassed last time, so they will need to play like the team we saw last week if they have any chance of making it to the post season. The nice thing is we will not have to scoreboard watch, just focus on getting the win and then see what happens with the later games.