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Report: Mike Munchak Favorite For Penn State Opening

Well, the Titans may just have another very interesting offseason coming up. According to sources via The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak has been selected as the top pick for the Penn State head coach opening. Per Jim Wyatt, Munchak's response Monday night was exactly as you would expect, "Nothing is going on-people like to speculate."

Having to find a new head coach in two straight years would be quite a change for the Titans front office, who didn't make a change for seventeen years prior to this season. Munchak has exceeded expectations this year, with the Titans having real playoff possibilities heading into the final week of the season. In a season with a shortened offseason, a new quarterback, a completely new coaching staff from top to bottom, and arguably the team's two best players, Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt not performing, that is quite impressive.

Mike Munchak was with the Nittany Lions for three years. He has been with the Titans organization for 29 years. I have no doubt he loves his alma mater, but it's hard to think his heart is anywhere except in Tennessee. It's been reported that other teams approached him while he was offensive line coach, but not once did he even interview for another team's opening. From Munchak's own mouth in his introductory conference, "I feel like I hit the jackpot here standing here as the next head coach of the Tennessee Titans."

Penn State is obviously not the ideal place for a coach to go right now, amidst the Sandusky scandal. It seems Munchak already has his dream job, coaching the only professional team he has ever known. There is obviously a whole financial side to these negotiations, but it makes no sense to me why Munch would leave the Titans for Penn State.