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2011 Pro Bowl Rosters Announced; Titans Shut Out

The NFL has announced the 2011 Pro Bowl rosters tonight and the Tennessee Titans do not have a representative on the team. This really does not come as a surprise because there really is not anyone on the team that you can point to and say they deserve a spot.

It is interesting though that, by my count, the Titans are the only team left with any playoff hopes in the AFC that do not have at least one representative on the team.

Of course these rosters are very fluid because half of the guys you see on that list will not end up playing in the game for one reason or another.

I do find it interesting that Philip Rivers is the third quarterback for the AFC behind Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. All I know about Rivers really is that I drafted him high in a couple of fantasy leagues and he let me down all year long.