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Week 16 In the AFC South: A Look Back

Obviously the surprise of the week was the Colts knocking off the Texans on Thursday night. That was a huge win by the Colts because it puts their shot at the #1 pick in jeopardy. It looks like the Colts will need to finish with more wins than the Rams to not have the #1 pick, so hopefully the Jaguars are going to do what is best for the division this week and lose.

The Titans took care of business against the Jaguars. I was really relieved to see that because this place probably would have imploded had the Titans lost that game.

This is going to be a really interesting offseason in the AFC South. Jacksonville will be looking for a coach. Jim Caldwell still has his job in Indianapolis, but it is just a matter of time before he is out. There is also the possibility that Peyton Manning could be traded or cut and Andrew Luck will be coming in. It should be fun.