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Falcons vs. Saints Open Game Thread

This game almost makes up for that stretch of terrible Monday Night Football games in the middle of the season, almost. The Falcons still have a chance to be the NFC South Champions. For that to happen they would need to win tonight and next week and have the Saints lose to the Panthers next week. It is not likely, but it could happen.

The Saints still have even more than that to play for. They have a chance to get the #2 seed and a first round bye. For that to happen, they would need to win out and have the 49ers lose to the Rams next week. That is pretty unlikely, but you never know.

I am sure some of you still have some fantasy football interest in this game as well. In the Official MCM League Championship I have a 47 point lead. I am done and he has Julio Jones and Matt Bryant. I should be good.

Discuss the game and any fantasy scenarios you are facing below.