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Is Derrick Morgan Coming Around?

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One of the easy whipping boys around here has been Derrick Morgan. He has been injured since the first day he walked in the door and has not done much of anything on the field outside of the first few games last season. We have asked the question if it is too early to call him a bust.

John Glennon has an article in The Tennessean this morning that says Morgan has played better the last few weeks. While he still isn't getting sacks like we/he/the team would like, he has been getting some pressure. That is not enough from a former first round pick, but it is a step in the right direction.

Morgan did make a nice play on Maurice Jones-Drew in the Jaguars game that Glennon talks about in the article. One of the things to remember about Morgan is that he looked like a really complete defensive end coming out of college. He is never going to put up sack numbers like Jevon Kearse did early in his career here. That should not be expected, but he does need to be making more plays all over the field. It looks like Saturday was a good start. Hopefully he can build on that.