Titans Need Some Help

As we've all know that the Titans can make the playoffs this year but would need alot of help. Some of the Titans fans are not going to be wanting to be rooting for a team that we need help form. There are now only 3 ways that they can get in.

Shall we take a look at them?

Before we look at them lets have a quick reminder of the previous meetings of all teams involved.

Week 6 - Dolphins 6 @ Jets 24

Week 7 - Texans 41 @ Titans 7

Week 10 - Raiders 24 @ Chargers 17

Week 10 - Broncos 17 @ Chiefs 10

Week 11 - Bengals 24 @ Ravens 31

#1 Ten win + Cin loss + NYJ win + Oak loss/tie

Under this all teams finish 9-7, Bengals would be knocked out due to being 6-6 in conference while Titans and Jets would be 7-5. Titans gets in over the Jets due to common opponents 4-1 to 3-2.

#2 Ten win + Cin loss + NYJ win + Den loss/tie

This one is the same as the one above, but instead of the Broncos winning the West, the Raiders would.

#3 Ten win + Cin loss +NYJ loss/tie + Den win + Oak win

Broncos would end up winning the West. Then just like above Bengals are bounced due to 6-6 conference record. Titans get in over the Raiders due to common opponents 3-1 to 2-2, common opponents are Broncos, Bills, and Texans.

So that means that in week 17 during the early games fans of the Titans and Jets. Then for the late games we as Titans fans need to be fans of the Ravens (yuck), if the Jets win, (Broncos & Chargers) or (Raiders & Chiefs), and if the Jets lose, Broncos & Raiders.

Hope this helps you guys out on who we are rooting for in the late games, and with the way the Jets and Dolphins are playing we are going to need both the Raiders and Broncos win.

If the Titans some how do get in, they will be the #6 seed and will be playing the #3 seed which this year is the Houston Texans. This game will be Jan 8. mostly likely starting at noon.

How sweet would it be to beat a team twice in 2 weeks in the same stadium?