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Titans 23 Jaguars 17: Grading the Defense

The Titans did a decent job against Maurice Jones-Drew in this game. He ended the day with 103 yards on 24 carries. That is not the best effort the defense has put up this season, but it is pretty good against one of the best running backs in the league.

Grade: C+

Again, I am so glad the Titans decided to take Jake Locker instead of Blaine Gabbert. It is early, but the Jaguars have to be asking themselves if they should draft another quarterback soon because Gabbert just doesn't look very good out there.

They also aren't helping him any with an offensive line that can't pass block and gramsey and hal out there at receiver.

The Titans did a good job against him in this game. He threw for 198 yards on 42 attempts. That is terrible.

Michael Griffin picked him off once and Karl Klug had a sack. I think I even saw Derrick Morgan hit him once.

Grade: B+