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Tennessee Titans Playoff Scenarios

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I will do a recap of the game here in a little bit, but the more pressing question seems to be what the Titans need to get in the playoffs. Obviously the first thing that has to happen is the Titans have to beat the Texans in Houston. If the Titans lose they are out regardless.

Assuming the Chargers lose to the Lions today, the Titans will need the Bengals to lose to the Ravens and the Jets to beat the Dolphins in Week 17. They will also need the Chargers to beat the Raiders. That way the Broncos are the AFC West Champion and the Titans are the sixth seed.

If the Raiders beat the Chargers, the Titans need the Chiefs to beat the Broncos. Then the Raiders would be the AFC West Champions.

All of that is if the Chargers lose today. If they win today the Chiefs have to beat the Broncos for the Titans to get in. Clear as mud?

Of course none of this would matter if the Titans had just beaten the Colts last week. They would just need to beat the Texans to get in.