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Jaguars vs. Titans Final Thoughts

It seems weird that this game is today. It has been a weird week. It all started when the Titans lost to the Colts on Sunday. That sent what still had the chance to be a promising season into a tailspin.

Then there has been the whole quarterback conversation this week. We were all waiting around on Monday to see who Mike Munchak would say was going to start. He chose Matt Hasselbeck, and we spent a day and a half talking about that.

Now they have a Saturday game against a bad team that beat them in week 1. Hopefully Munch and company have done a better job of getting them ready for this game than they did last week in Indy.

The key to this game will be stopping Maurice Jones-Drew. He is the only thing this Jacksonville team has going for them. MJD had 97 yards on 24 carries in the first meeting. The Titans will need a better effort than that today.

As for the playoff hopes, the Titans need to win and have the Jets, Bengals, Chargers and Raiders all lose.