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Fantasy Football Week 16: Safety First

<strong>Vicks Sleeper of the Week:</strong> Yup. Two weeks in a row. Why not? Hasselbeck has been playing terrible and winged. Locker could very well come into this playoff relevant game to save the team.
Vicks Sleeper of the Week: Yup. Two weeks in a row. Why not? Hasselbeck has been playing terrible and winged. Locker could very well come into this playoff relevant game to save the team.

Well gents, if you're still reading this, you're either in the finals, semi-finals, or just bored. Either way it's down to the nitty gritty. Here goes another week of fantasy football advise...

QB Starters

Philip Rivers

The Lions defense hasn't been stellar and Rivers has been a lot better of late. Even with the possibility of being without Jackson, Rivers should produce. Start him.

Drew Brees

The man to break Marino's record. Start him

Matt Ryan

He's gonna have to step up and fling that ball to keep the Falcons in the game. I'm not a Ryan fan but I am a Julio fan. Start him.

Tim Tebow

All day, every day. Start him.

QB Benchers

Joe Flacco

Flacco is mediocre at best and this week I just got an ominous feeling about his play. Bench him.

Mark Sanchez

Sanchize is facing a good team this week and is really good at sucking. Bench him.

Matt Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck and I are breaking up. His awesomeness appears to have met its end and I wouldn't be surprised if his play falters tomorrow and he is replaced by Locker. Perhaps permanently. Bench him.

RB Starters

Chris Johnson

I've stuck with him this long... He has been dealing with a sprained ankle but he's pretty good at toughing out injuries and I believe in him. The Jaguars also have a league high of 27 players on IR. Start him.


If the Jaguars are gonna score, this would be the guy to do it. Start him.

Cedric Benson

He's got a juicy matchup against the Cardinals and I think he delivers... Start him.

Reggie Bush

The Broncos rushed for over 100 yards in the 1st quarter of last weeks game and Bush is having the best year of his career. Start him.

Willis McGahee

He's a beast when he gets handed the ball and I think he'll be showing up in Buffalo ready to take it to the house. Start him.

RB Benchers

Steven Jackson

He'll somehow break 1,000 yards this season, but I don't think it'll come this game. Bench him.

Shonn Greene

He's had a real up and down season but I'm pretty sure it'll end as a stinker. He tore a tendon in his finger and the Giants can be a stiff defense. Bench him.

C.J. Spiller

Unless you've got a flex position to play him at he's not worth the start. The Broncos have a stout defense and won't give you running back numbers. Even at the receiver position I'm a little nervous. Unless you can put him in the flex position, bench him.

WR Starters

Demaryius Thomas

He's been incredibly consistent in a good way the past few weeks. Start him.

Nate Washington

He refuses to be stopped. Put that ball in his hands and watch him beast. Start him.

Malcom Floyd

There's a high possibility that Jackson sits out with his injury. Floyd tore it up this last week and Detroit's defense is isn't the greatest. Start him.

WR Benchers

Brandon Lloyd

Sucky timing but that's life. Steelers defense and Bradford being sidelined make him unstartable. Bench him.

Anquan Boldin


Other than that....

TE Starters

Antonio Gates

He had an off game this last week against what can be a tough defense but should rebound just fine here. Start him.

Anthony Fasano

Yessir. Matt Moore is probably the best thing that's ever happened to this guy. He should do fine against the Patriots. Start him.

Tony Gonzalez

Have no fear, Tony is here. He'll bounce back just fine this week against the Saints. Start him.

TE Benchers

Jake Ballard

An injury will be keeping him out of the game on Sunday. Bench him.

Jermaine Gresham

As much as I'd like to say to start him, his performances of late give one absolutely no confidence. Bench him.

Scott Chandler

Things just haven't been going well in Buffalo and I don't like Chandler against the Broncos LB's. Bench him.

D/ST Starters





D/ST Benchers





As always, feel free to ask any fantasy football questions. Good luck!!!

You can find me on Twitter @JustinLStewart

Totally spaced today is Christmas Eve/Gameday.... DOUGH!