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Festivus at MCM

I have seen this on quite a few sites today, and it is a fantastic idea. You will remember from Seinfeld, and the video above, that December 23rd is Festivus. You will also remember that during Festivus you have the airing of grievances- meaning you tell your loved ones all the way they have disappointed you in the last year. I have a few of mine for the Titans after the jump.

Mike Munchak: Why will you not go with Jake Locker when it is so very clear that Matt Hasselbeck is not healthy? I get that you are loyal to Hasselbeck because of all that he has done, but Locker gives us the best chance to win.

Chris Johnson: You spent all of that time talking about how you deserved playmaker money. You got your playmaker money but haven't made very many plays this season.

Jared Cook: Why can't you be the playmaker that we all thought you were going to be this preseason? You are finally getting your chance to play this year, but you haven't done anything with it.

The interior of the offensive line: Why can't you block anyone ever?

Derrick Morgan: I had such high hopes for you coming into this season, and you have been invisible. Please don't make us spend another first round pick on a defensive end.

Jason Jones: See above.

Michael Griffin: Three years ago I thought you were going to be so good. Now you don't cover or tackle.

Those are mine. Let me hear yours.