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Titans vs. Colts: The Top Five Defensive Plays

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So we have a deal with Gillette that says we will run a post every week that looks at the top 5 defensive plays from the game the previous week. It is very tough to find one defensive play worht talking about in a game where your team gives up 27 points to a team that has lost 13 straight games, much less five.

Click through the jump to see the 5 plays I selected.

5. Dan Orlovsky takes a knee.

4. Dan Orlovsky takes a knee.

3. Dan Orlovsky takes a knee.

2. Jurrell Casey tackles Donald Brown for a 4 yard loss.

That's right. There are only two plays in this entire game where someone on the Titans actually made a play- against a team that came in winless in 13 games.

1. Akeem Ayers forces a fumble that Chris Hope recovers.

This was the only turnover the defense forced in the game. It did set up a 21-yard field goal from Rob Bironas.