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Tennessee Titans Chris Johnson Limited in Practice; Will Play

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Chris Johnson returned to practice today on a limited basis. Mike Munchak said after practice that CJ should be good to go against the Jaguars. That is good news considering the only other running back we have on the roster is Jamie Harper. Harper ran well in the preseason, but he is not a feature back in the NFL.

This brings up an interesting question- Why have the Titans not signed another running back, or at least brought Herb Donaldson up to the active roster? They did re-sign Quinn Johnson this week, but he is not going to be running the ball.

They are obviously confident CJ will be able to play, but what if he tweaks that ankle early in the game? Then it will be all on the shoulders of Harper. What happens if he gets hurt? Does Ahmard Hall become the feature back? So many questions....

Maybe they have decided just to scrap the running game and throw the ball on every down.