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Week 16: Predictions From The Contributors and TitansJonne

Not this time, Jabari.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Not this time, Jabari. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We've beat it to death. But for the record:

That sucked.

On to the Bedazzlers. The commenter-formerly-known-as-The-Hawk-Lover starts us off this week:

TitansJonne (6-7)

You have a pissed off Titan team at home still in the playoff hunt. I'm looking at 2 possible scenarios. 1. We come out too eager and undisciplined and shoot ourselves in the foot all game. Or 2. we come out and just dominate the Jags for the entire game. Im gonna go with scenario 2. I say CJ gets back over 100 yds while mr. Washington goes for 80. As for QB, let's just say Locker will throw for 2 TDs while Hasselbeck is icing his re-injured leg. No complaints here as we win convincingly in our final home game. GO NATE GO!

Titans 27 - Jaguars 10

Big Tuna (4-7)

Who knows what is going to happen here. This team is either going to mail it in for the rest of the year or rally to finish strong. I can't contemplate how bad things would get here if they fall apart, so I am going to believe they rally.

Titans 24 - Jaguars 17

g mail (6-6)

Revenge time. I am really looking forward to seeing who steps up and makes sure that what happened last weekend does not happen again. We know 85 will answer the bell whether or not he can walk.....who else has that kind of cajones?

I love it when we beat the Jaguars. I think my Jaguar hate has been repressed the last few years, but it still burns hot on gameday. Let's stop MJD and have a great Christmas

Titans 20 - Jaguars 17

SuperH (4-9)

Titans win? Who knows at this point? I'm banking in the defense bailing out the team this week. Gabbert throws 5 INT's.

Titans 9 - Jaguars 3

smash (3-5)

The Titans just let Donald Brown run for 161 yards. Donald Brown. Maurice Jones-Drew will run for 300.

Jaguars 17 - Titans 9

dreese hasn't forgotten about us! (5-4)

Let's start by saying I'm not too thrilled about how the QB situation has been handled. I recognize how easy it is to give a knee jerk reaction to how well Locker has played on mop up duty, but I still feel like hopping aboard. I feel like that at the very least his play will be on par with ol Hasselbecks. This is nether a compliment to Locker or an insult to Hasselbeck, it's just the way it is. In any case, the "plan" seemed to be to play Locker if/when the Titans were eliminated from contention. it's taken longer than I thought it would (and it still hasnt happened yet) but I feel like we're living on a prayer and as long as that's the case, give Jake a shot.

And now for the actual game. this is not the same Jags we saw in week one. even after a loss like last weeks I expect the Titans to run right through these guys. they'd better, their playoff lives depend on it.

Titans 27 - Jaguars 17

MCM (2-11)