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Week 15 In the AFC South: A Look Back

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It was a rough week for everyone in the AFC South except for the Indianapolis Colts, and I don't think we need to spend any more time talking about that here. It is weird to see this division down after it was so good for so many years.

The Jaguars took advantage of their third prime time game this season by getting their doors blown off by the Falcons. One thing that has been lost in the disaster that is the Jacksonville offense is how well Maurice Jones-Drew is playing. While Chris Johnson still needs 70 yards just to get 1,000 yards (a number that doesn't mean anything anymore), MJD has 1,334 yards with no quarterback.

The Texans lost their first game since October 16th against the Carolina Panthers of all teams. Any given Sunday. It really is amazing what they have done this season with all of the injuries they have sustained.