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MCM Radio Tonight 9 PM Central

Mcmradio_mediumTonight you better be listening because there is going to be a special treat on MCM Radio. Hal is going to join us to help dissect all of the things that have happened over the past few days. He is of the belief that if Jake Locker would have played the whole game against the Colts the Titans would have won. I happen to agree with him.

We will discuss that an various other topics tonight. There is a chance gramsey will join us if he is able to get permission to say up that late.

The show tonight will go a full hour without a guest from the opposing team. I am pretty sure we have never done that before, but I don't think we will run out of topics to discuss.

Click the link above to listen and to interact with the show in a chat room. If there is anything specific you would like to hear us discuss leave it here in the comments.