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Week 13: Predictions From The Contributors and WinnipegTitanFan13

Sorry about last week. Thanksgiving got the best of me. It was Friday before I knew and excuses excuses excuses. (I do like that I started doing the records. The guy that is winning has good looks to go along with his brains.)

Back in the saddle for week 13 and an old grudge match. WTF13 starts us off:

WinnipegTitanFan13 (5-5)

I had this game penciled in as a loss a few weeks back, but the Bills have imploded since then. Unfortunately, they still have enough offensive firepower to give Jerry Gray a headache this Sunday. I can't see our defensive line getting enough pressure on Fitzpatrick, so he'll have a good day passing, and David Nelson will find some holes in our secondary. We'll need another strong game by MCM Favourite Colin McCarthy, but he should do enough to limit the underrated Fred Jackson. When we have the ball, our offensive line will buy Hasselbeck enough time to have a strong day through the air. The Bucs were able to hurry and hit Hass a lot, so I think Munch really gets after the hogs to improve their pass protection. If we can keep him upright, he'll have a solid game against a defense ranked 22nd against the pass. Now onto #28...I've been hesitant to proclaim him "back," but I don't think he'll play poorly. Maybe 60 yards and a TD. In the end, the Titans prevail.

Titans 34 - Bills 27

SuperResidentVunceApologistHorn (3-7)

From this point forward, every game is virtually a "must win". It's a cliche that I hate, but given tie breaking scenarios in both the wildcard race and the divisional race, 10-6 doesn't cut it in the division, and maybe not in the wildcard race either. This team needs to step up for the stretch. Buffalo is nothing more than an average team. Sure they showed some flashes earlier in the year, but the injury to Fred Jackson has made them much more one dimensional at this point in the year. I think the Titans step up to the challenge and CJ continues to roll.

Titans 21 - Bills 10

Mynameisaugustwestnotjimmy (4-5)

My prediction: We finally put together back-to back good weeks for the first time in forever, the passing game bounces back to mediocre and the defense is smothering except for one or two big plays. As for CJ... I'm done guessing what's going to happen there.

Titans 27- Bills 10

g force (5-4)


Do we have to keep bringing it up everytime our teams meet?

Buffalo has no chance. Colin McCarthy is starting.

Titans 28 - Bills 13

bleacher report nichols (2-3)

The Titans can't really afford to lose another game this season if they want to see the postseason. With the Saints coming up next week, they absolutely cannot afford a loss to the Bills. The Bills started off hot this season, but they have really fallen off over the last month. Despite the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick is awesome, this is a game the Titans should win. While Buffalo's offense has some punch to it, their defense is really bad at everything except causing turnovers. If the Titans can take care of the ball, they should win this one easily.

Titans 27 - Bills 17