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Top 5 Defensive Plays from Titans Win Over Tampa Bay

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Picking the top five defensive plays was much easier this week than it was last week. There were plenty of plays to choose from, and there was even one that I wanted to include that ended up getting eliminated from the list.

Click through the jump to see which plays were selected.

5. Jason Jones strips LeGarrette Blount in the first quarter.

It was good to see JJ make a play. It is just unfortunate that this one did not lead to any points.

4. Dave Ball strips Josh Freeman on a sack.

Ball got in on the playmaking action early in the second quarter when he sacked Freeman knocked the ball out of his hand. He also recovered the fumble.

3. Jordan Babineaux forces Mike Williams to fumble.

Big play Babs with a game changer.

2. Jurrell Casey takes the ball away from Blount.

Casey is having a really good season and made a big play in this one when he just took the ball away from Blount.

1. Colin McCarthy puts the game on ice.

Colin McCarthy. All he does is make plays. He put the game away in this one when he picked off Freeman late in the 4th quarter.