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2012 Draft Profile: Wide Receivers

7 just got 6
7 just got 6

Before anyone slams Thorchak's Hammer down on me, let's take a brief look at our wide receiving corps. The loss of Kenny Britt 3 games in has really exposed just how weak our group of wide receivers are. Damian Williams has been a nice surprise this year but has also been inconsistent at times. Lavelle Hawkins, the whole Fly Hawk Fly has been fun, but Hawk will soon be finding himself flying on the unemployment list. I do not think Marc Mariani is anything more than a return guy and Donnie Avery, does he even play? I am happy with the production we have seen from Nate Washington this year, but I feel we should add a wide receiver fairly early on in the draft so we can have another playmaker.

As always, I will be discussing four prospects that I like and I will include a couple of honorable mentions as an early Christmas present. Also, many thanks to the Saint of MCM, Pratt, for helping me with a couple of the prospects.

Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State

6-1, 208 lbs

4.54 40 yd dash

Projected: Top 10 pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: gets after the ball while it's in the air, catches everything in his wheelhouse, enough upper body strength to be a good down-field blocker, quick feet, confuses defenders with body language

Cons: lack of explosion in route running, arrested for misdemeanor DUI in October 2010

Notes: "He will be off the board before the Titans pick, but could you imagine Britt/Blackmon combo...swooooonin" - Pratt

Alshon Jeffrey - South Carolina

6-4, 233 lbs

4.50 40 yd dash

Projected: Top 10 pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: big wide receiver, great hands, runs great routes, great at WR screens

Cons: 2011 campaign not as impressive due to lack of production at the QB position, so so run blocking skills

Notes: Like Blackmon, Jeffrey will be an early first round pick. While I do like the idea of adding this beast to our WR corps, I think the Titans will wait on a wide receiver (3rd to mid round).

Michael Floyd - Notre Dame

6-3, 218 lbs

4.51 40 yd dash

Projected: 1st round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: big physical receiver, excellent run blocker, great body control and speed, makes quick cuts in his route running

Cons: reported character issues, sometimes loses focus and begins running before making the catch

Notes: Like the previous 2 guys, Floyd would be a good addition to the Titans, but his DUI arrest in college could turn teams away and I'm not sure Munchak would take a gamble on him as players with a lot of money do dumb things.

Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma

5-11, 185 lbs

4.46 40 yd dash

Projected: 2nd or 3rd round pick

Highlight video: here

Pros: great hands, knows how to separate after his breaks and get yards after the catch, future slot receiver

Cons: small size, tore his ACL this year, struggled with good press corners of the Big 12

Notes: Broyles will do a great job for some teams that pick him up in the slot, but he reminds me too much of a Lavelle Hawkins type and we need to distance ourselves from these 3rd round slot projects with decent speed.

Honorable mentions:

Marvin McNutt - Iowa

6-4, 215 lbs

Highlight video: here

Notes: McNutt started his college career as a QB, but soon switched to WR after the emergence of Ricky Stanzi in 2009. Since then, he has gone off on everyone we have faced and broke the school record with 24 receiving touchdowns in his college career (here is the catch and run that broke the school record). He has huge hands and catches literally everything that is thrown to him. McNutt has deceptive speed and really knows how to get open. He would be a steal if we snagged him in the 3rd round. Ok, I'm off my soapbox now.

Kendall Wright - Baylor

5-10, 190 lbs

Highlight video: here

Notes: Wright has been the main target for Robert Griffin III and he has great speed. He broke the Baylor school record for receptions in a season. The only real knock on him is his small frame and he will not really out-jump any corners but he is extremely dangerous after the catch. A lot of mock drafts I have seen have him going in the 3rd or 4th round but he could move up big boards with good workouts, pro days, and the all important Combine.

Final thoughts: if the Titans do not select a wide receiver in the first round, I am really hoping we take McNutt in the 2nd or 3rd round. We will more than likely get an extra 3rd round pick thanks to Jason Babin and my fellow Hawkeye would be perfect to select with this extra draft pick. Thanks for reading guys and thanks again to Pratt for contributing his opinion on a couple of wide receiver prospects.