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Steelers vs. 49ers Monday Night Football Open Thread

It is good that there is finally a Monday Night Football game worth watching. This game is not going to be very pretty because it features two teams with really good defenses. It should be a game that is decided by who makes a play in the fourth quarter.

This game does not really have any implications for the Titans, but I always want to see the Steelers lose, so I will be cheering for the 49ers.

Of my four fantasy football leagues that I was in this season, I am all but eliminated in three of them. The only one I have left is the Official MCM League. In that one I am down 35, but I have Mike Wallace, Frank Gore and the San Francisco defense going. 35 is a lot of points to make up. I have a feeling it is going to come down to the wire.

Discuss this game and any fantasy scenarios that you are facing below.