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Colts 27 Titans 13: Postgame Quotes

Maybe this is why they never throw him the ball.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Maybe this is why they never throw him the ball. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Click through the jump to see the reaction from some of the players after the game. (Courtesy Titans Online)

Quarterback Jake Locker

On the improved play of the offense after replacing quarterback Matt Hasselbeck:

"They were playing so soft. It was just catch and throw. It wasn’t anything special. I think it was more what we were getting defensively that allowed us to move the ball. The guys played hard, you give them credit for that, but the Colts had gone to a prevent defense."

On the slow start by the Titan’s offense:

"It’s hard on the sidelines because you just don’t know what’s going on. I think some of the guys out there, who were a part of it, will know better than I will."

On the Titans final offensive series:

"I think it’s a little different when you are down two scores there. We had a couple chances down by the goal line, but that was the defensive game plan at that point in the game. They were soft and were going to let you have the stuff underneath but we didn’t really have time to just keep dinking and dunking. We had a chance and we came up a little bit short. It would have been nice to get it in and give ourselves an opportunity."

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck

On his health:

"I don’t want to make any excuses but I’m not where I normally would be. I don’t think that is why we looked so bad today or why I didn’t play well. There were a few times where I had chances to take off and run but I wasn’t able to do it."

On the lack of focus by the Titans offense:

"I need to find ways to bring more energy to our team. We seemed very flat. It seemed like they wanted it more than we did. I don’t think that is the case. On the road, you think it’s going to be a loud, hostile environment, but it was quiet, almost like a college basketball game. We have to create our own energy. It was 6-3 at halftime and we were winning but it felt like we were losing. Even at the end of the game, when we were two scores out, which it totally doable, for whatever reason we just felt like we were sorry for ourselves."

On the decision to switch to quarterback Jake Locker:

"I wasn’t in on it. (Offensive Coordinator) Chris Palmer and said obviously if we had scored you would have stayed in, but since we are down two scores and they are playing so soft and Jake can move around and run. I wasn’t disappointed with the decision at all, I actually was getting kind of tight. I thought he was going to play a lot sooner and I thought that he played very well."

On the soft coverage by the Colts:

"After the Reggie Wayne touchdown, that’s when it really started happening. I think coming into the game we really thought we could run the ball on them. The emphasis early in the game was to run and neutralize (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis and to get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands quickly. We felt like we could give them a chance to win if we allowed a sack fumble or something like that. They kind of surprised us with that new coverage today."

Running Back Chris Johnson:

On losing a game when in contention for the playoffs:

"I only made it to the playoffs in my first year here so it was a hard loss. I know there is a slight chance out there and it’s something that we can’t control. We were trying to control our own destiny. We thought our playoffs started today. I understand that if you want to make the playoffs you have to win."

On the running game of the Titans:

"They made some plays, we made some plays. At the end of the day they made more plays and their defense came out there ready to play. A lot of times when you’re out there and not running the ball well early, it’s hard to get in a groove. We had a great game plan and everything but we just didn’t execute"

On the interception by Colts’ cornerback Jacob Lacey:

"I had an in route and we were just not really on the same page I guess. I thought I was going to settle it down and he thought I was going to keep going and the defender came over the top of me and got the interception. Anytime in the NFL when the quarterback and receiver aren’t on the same page it’s not going to turn out good."

Wide Receiver Nate Washington

On why they lost:

"Too many mental mistakes flat out from the first play of the game through the whole game, too many mental mistakes. We wanted to be a good football team, and we came in here and played like we were 0-13. We had too many mental mistakes flat out."

On his feelings about the loss:

"I’m livid. I’m trying my best not to cuss right now. I’m livid. It had nothing to do with the Indianapolis Colts. It’s about how we played today. It doesn’t have anything to do with them. We played like crap today mentally, period, on the offensive side of the ball. Much hats off to our defense, they made a couple plays. Much hats off to the Indianapolis Colts, they played well. From the first play through the whole game we had way too many mental mistakes to be going to the playoffs or having a shot at even going to the playoffs."