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Titans vs. Colts Final Thoughts

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The Titans have been slow starters this year. They need a fast start in this one to keep the Colts from thinking that they have a chance to win. It won't take much to get them to tune out of this game. If the Titans can open up a 10-14 point lead they will fall into the "here we go again" mentality.

On the other hand, if the Titans let them hang around, they will start to believe that have a chance to get that first victory. The motivation is probably pretty low in Colts' camp right now, but none of them want to be remembered as a member of the second 0-16 team in NFL history. The key is to make sure to not give them that hope.

The Titans also have the fact that they are still very much alive in the playoff hunt. I know this is going to hurt August a little bit, but we have to be cheering for Michael Vick to be the 2010 version of himself today to knock off the Jets. A Jets loss and a Titans win will ensure that every time they show a playoff graphic for the next week the Titans will be in the "in" category. That is so much more than we could have expected before the season started.