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Titans vs. Colts: FO's Mike Tanier Takes Indianapolis

I just assumed that everyone would be picking the Titans heading into this one. The Colts have been playing better, but better just means they actually stay on the field instead of getting blown off of it. Plus the Titans have looked better in the last five weeks with their only two losses being close against really good teams. It seems like the Titans are the obvious pick to me.

Well they aren't according to FO's Mike Tanier. He writes a weekly feature for Fifth Down which is a football blog from the New York Times. Click through jump to see his comments about this match-up.

This is the Colts’ best chance to win a game this season. Both Matt Hasselbeck (calf) and Jake Locker (chest) missed practice during the week, leaving Rusty Smith in charge of the Titans’ offense for a few heady hours. Granted, Locker is expected to be ready for Sunday, and Hasselbeck is now made out of modeling clay and can simply mold his lower leg back into the proper shape. But this is a golden opportunity to play the spoiler role.

One thing to keep in mind is Football Outsiders only picked the Titans to win 4 games before the season started. They also didn't think Hasselbeck was a good signing.

I am a little bit nervous about this game, but I trust that Mike Munchak will get them ready to play.