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Fantasy Football Week 15: Playoff Survival Guide

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Well for those of us who've made it, congrats. The road to the championship begins. Bring on the questions as we dive into another week of fantasy football advise.

P.S. Sorry for the formatting issue again. I have no idea why this keeps happening. Apparently this "thing" hates me.

QB Starters

Tony Romo

Buccaneers have been one of the most disappointing teams of the year and should be overly generous the the Cowboys. Start him.

Andy Dalton

Rams. That's all I have to say. Such a sad regression. Start him.

Matthew Stafford

Raiders have been pushed around a lot lately and an offense like the Lions shouldn't have much trouble with them. Start him.

Tom Brady

WARNING: Brady will be playing one of the toughest defenses in the league right now and shouldn't be posed for a huge game. That being said, Gronkowski and Welker make it too easy fro him to score so you still gotta start him.

Tim Tebow

He's got the Jesus power and the Patriots defense it one of the least effective in the league. He's a surprisingly safe start. Start him.

QB Benchers

Matt Hasselbeck

Questionable game status and just the thought of a gimpy Hasselbeck makes me shudder. This could be a big game, but I'm done giving Hasselbeck the green light. Bench him.

Kyle Orton

Just no....

Mark Sanchez

I know. Sounds crazy. I hardly believe it myself. Sanchize has just been playing too well. He's overdue to get sloppy. Bench him.

Michael Vick

Last years magic is gone and this team just isn't one I'm willing to put my playoff hopes on. Bench him.

RB Starters

Chris Johnson

This is my fantasy guarantee of the week. I just don't see anyway Johnson can screw this one up. I really don't. Start him.

Roy Helu, Jr.

He's getting the touches and making the most of them. The endzone is the only thing missing from his game. Start him.

Cedric Benson

The Rams have been one of the most disappointing teams this year and shouldn't stop the trend this Sunday. Benson should roll over 'em with no problem. Start him.

RB Benchers

Frank Gore

The Steelers are one mean defense, even without Harrison. Gores a risky start this week and should be bench for more favorable matchups. Bench him.

Rashard Mendenhall

The 49ers have been a very impressive defense this year. Mendenhall has not been impressive. Bench him.

C.J. Spiller

Miami has been quite the surprise after starting off so bad. Spiller has yet to prove he was worth the first round pick a couple years ago. Bench him.

WR Starters

Nate Washington

He's turned on beast mode. After last weeks performance, any doubts in your mind should be at ease. Start him.

Brandon Lloyd

He's been the best thing on offense for the Rams. He isn't going to blow up by any means but he should be solid. Start him.

Demaryius Thomas

Tebow has found his receiver. Thomas has been tearing it up the past couple weeks and I think he should be able to do it against a flimsy Patriots defense. Start him.

WR Benchers

David Nelson

He's been pretty non existent of late. I'm not thrilled about him this week. Bench him.

Andre Johnson

Still out of the lineup. Bench him.

Johnny Knox

Caleb Hanie certainly hasn't helped him. I'm not diggin' it. Bench him.

TE Starters

Jermaine Gresham

He has had a couple off games but they've been against tough defenses. The Rams have been tough on TE's but that doesn't scare me. Start him.

Jason Witten

Duh, especially against the Bucs defense. Start him.

Jake Ballard

The Redskins have given up the second most points to TE's and the Giants have been on a tear of late. Start him.

TE Benchers

Vernon Davis

As much as Davis is an amazing TE, I hate the matchup against the Steelers, especially while trying to win a playoff game. Bench him.

Brent Celek

J-E-T-S. Bench him.

D/ST Starters




D/ST Benchers




You can follow me on Twitter @JustinLStewart. Feel free to hit me up with all your fantasy questions! Good luck, guys!