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Cortland Finnegan Believes Time Is Up With Titans

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I stumbled across an interesting article in the Tennessean (August also touched on it in the links this morning) about how Cortland Finnegan does not think the Titans will resign him this offseason. He states no contact has been made between the Titans FO and his agent and, therefore, is on the way out. I just find it strange he would say this now, maybe the Titans are just more consumed with being in the midst of a playoff race.

Here are some things Cort had to say:

"It is like you have three weeks left and they say you are going to be fired, and you don’t hear anything leading up to that. You just do the best you can with what you’ve got. But from history, it doesn’t look bright for me here. But I know I can’t control that."

"I would be very upset with that. Very upset," he said. "I want to retire here.

Finnegan does make a good point that based on past history with this team, big names tend to move on once their contracts are up (Albert Haynesworth, Steve McNair, Eddie George, Kyle Vanden Bosch)

I think it would be a shame if the Titans let him walk as he has been arguably our best defensive player for awhile now and also a real leader not only in the locker room but in the community as well. I do like how he states he wants to retire a Titan, there is not enough respect given to a player who wants to play for his team.