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Week 15 In the AFC South

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Week 15 in the AFC South kicks off tonight with a game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons (there will be an open thread for that game here tonight). The Falcons are 14 point favorites in this one. They should not have any trouble covering that one.

The Tennessee Titans are an 8 point favorite against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. I fully expect the Titans to win this game by at least two touchdowns.

The Houston Texans are 7 point favorites at home against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. This is the most interesting game in the division this weekend to me. The Texans' defense has been stout all season long, but they will be without their defensive coordinator in this one. They have to be due a letdown game, and this could be it. The Panthers probably won't win this one, but I bet it is interesting in the 4th quarter.