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Saints vs. Titans: Top 5 Defensive Plays

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Click through the jump to see the top 5 defensive plays of the Titans' loss to the Saints.

5.Alterraun Verner stops Chris Ivory for a 2-yard loss.

It is sad when a 2-yard loss makes the list, but that was the 5th best play in this game.

4. Titans stuff Pierre Thomas on 2-point try.

This turned out not to mean anything, but it was a nice play to keep Thomas out because the Saints' run game was very successful throughout the game.

3. Karl Klug's sack of Drew Brees in 2n quarter.

Klug is awesome.

2. Klug sacks Brees in the 4th quarter.

This play was even more awesome from Klug because it forced the Saints to punt the ball back to the Titans in the late 4th quarter.

1. Jurrell Casey breaks up a Brees pass intended for Ivory.

This play was great. You had a defensive tackle covering a running back and knocking the pass away at the last second. It was a huge play in the game because it forced a punt and stopped the clock.