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Vote Titans Rob Bironas For the Pro Bowl

This is the best thing I have seen in a while. Rob Bironas, or more likely his people, put together a video with various country music stars urging you to vote Bironas to the Pro Bowl. You can vote here.

That video is pretty ridiculous, but you really should vote Bironas to the Pro Bowl. He is having another great year, and does not get the recognition he deserves because people that are not fans of the Titans don't ever vote for him. They vote for whoever it is that they have on their fantasy team because they don't really pay attention.

D Here is something that I didn't realize, Bironas has only been to the Pro Bowl once in his career. That is pretty ridiculous considering how good he has been for so long. Of course the kicker position isn't like, say the quarterback position where 15 AFC quarterbacks don't go so Vince Young gets an invite. Any kicker that gets voted in is going.