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Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck Misses Practice

Today's practice just ended, and all of the local beat guys are reporting that Matt Hasselbeck did not practice today because of the calf injury. It was pretty much expected that he would miss today's practice. The real story will be if he can get out there tomorrow or Friday. He probably will not play on Sunday against the Colts if he can't practice at least one day this week.

Mike Munchak said after practice that he expects Hasselbeck to play until he sees otherwise. It is not surprising to hear him say that because he doesn't want to give the Colts an indication of who is playing this early in the week. Munch also said that the game plan would be pretty much the same regardless of who which quarterback plays. That probably isn't true.

Jake Locker was also limited with sore ribs, but there is no way he is going to sit out with that. I guess that means that Rusty Smith handled most of the snaps in today's practice. The Colts are pretty bad this season, but are they bad enough that RUUUUUUSTTTYYY could beat them? Probably not.