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Scout's Inc. With Some Love for the Titans Rookie Defensive Players

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Matt Williamson of Scout's Inc. and does a feature each week where he ranks the top 10 rookies in the NFL. While none of the Titans' rookie defensive players have cracked that list just yet, he spent the first three paragraphs talking about them in this week's edition.

Here is what he had to say about Colin McCarthy:

After spending the majority of the season behind Barrett Ruud at middle linebacker, McCarthy has burst onto the scene of late. He is extremely productive and would likely be high on the list below if not for his small body of work.

That's right he would.

His point there is that the Titans defense is really one stud player away from being dangerous. I will go ahead and say that the stud defender that they need to add to the mix is Alabama safety Mark Barron. All three of the safeties in the rotation are without contracts for 2012, and Barron is better than any of them anyway. There is a really good chance he will still be on the board when the Titans are on the clock.