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MCM Radio Titans vs. Colts Preview Tonight 9 Central


Tonight we will preview this weekend's game against the Colts. Obviously the Colts are having a terrible season, but the Titans better be ready to play when they go up there because Indy has been playing a little bit better over the last couple of weeks.

Mgrex will join us. We will spend most of our time with him talking about what he sees the Colts doing this offseason. Will Peyton Manning be back? Is it a lock that they will take Andrew Luck with the first pick? Leave any questions you would like for us to ask him here or in the chat room during the show.

So join us for the fun tonight. As always you can listen on the Blog Talk Radio site by clicking the icon above. There will be a live chat room during the show. You can also leave questions here or send them to me on Twitter (@TitansMCM)