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Saints 22 Titans 17: Grading the Defense

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The Titans defense gave up a lot of yards on Sunday, but they held the Saints' offense that was averaging 31 points coming into the game to 22. That is a good performance in my mind.

They were not as good against the run as I expected them to be. If you take out the carries from Drew Brees, the Saints gained 108 yards on 24 carries. That is an average of 4.5 which is not very good.

Grade: C

They held up pretty well against Brees. He did end up with 337 yards and 2 touchdowns, but he threw the ball 47 times. That is 7.1 yards per attempt, which is almost a full yard under his season average of 8.0.

It would really help the pass defense if there was anyone on the team not named Karl Klug that could get to the quarterback. It is amazing that they held him to what they did while generating virtually no pressure.

Grade: B