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Saints 22 Titans 17: Postgame MCM Radio

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I would say that yesterday's MCM Radio was the most fun one we have ever done after a loss. It is a good thing we didn't start the show as soon as the game was over because I was a little bit too fired up to for a coherent thought.

In this one we discussed the negatives and positives from the loss against the Saints. My favorite part of the show was my rant against Leroy Harris. I cannot understand what is keeping Leroy Harris in the lineup. He wouldn't even get a job if the Titans cut him today, yet for some reason he continues to run out there and complain about penalties being called against him that are so obvious my 3-year old could have called them.

Give the show a listen. Keep in mind that we will be doing out Colts' preview show tomorrow night at 9 central.

MCM Radio 12/11

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