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Saints 22 Titans 17: Grading the Offense

The rush offense was never able to get on track today. It looked like the smart money would be on trying to control the clock with the run game, but the Titans did not really try to do that. Chris Johnson only had 11 carries on the day, and he was not very successful with those carries. He ended the day with just 23 yards. His longest carry on the day went for 9 yards.

Grade: D

The passing offense was pretty good. Watching Jake Locker play is really fun. He seems to have plenty of confidence in the offense, and he looked a lot more accurate in the pocket today than he did when we saw him against the Falcons.

The receivers were pretty good today. The only real problem I saw was the controversial 3rd and 1 call where Locker through to Damian Williams deep. It just didn't look like a great effort from D Will.

The other thing that I have to say about the passing game is how impressed I am with Nate Washington. He is catching everything this season, and I cannot say enough about him standing up long enough for the ball to spiked at the end of the game.

Grade: B