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Titans Accuse Saints of Using a Whistle on the Sideline

Several Tennessee Titans' players said after the game that the New Orleans Saints were using a whistle on the sideline towards the end of the game according to Paul Kuharsky. If this is true, and the Titans seem to have evidence that it is, the league should fine the Saints organization and suspend Sean Payton. There is no excuse for using cheap tactics like that, and it is sad that a team as good as the Saints would sink to that level.

Michael Roos was apparently mic'd up for the game for Titans All Access, and the producer of that show says you can clearly hear it on the tape.

Here is what Nate Washington had to say about it after the game (from Kuharsky):

"You assume no one would be trying to do something like that to affect the game in some way."

The Saints apparently had no immediate comment about it after the game. There is no reason for them not to deny it if it wasn't true.

(h/t ronburgundy for the link)