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Saints vs. Titans: Final Thoughts

There is not much left to say about this game. It is a good test for the Titans. A loss here does not eliminate them from playoff contention, but it would severely lessen the odds of getting that sixth wild card spot.

This is also a good chance for the Titans to see where they are against the league's elite. They got run out of the building the last two times they played an elite team. We have seen a lot of improvement over the last month. Hopefully that will show on the field today.

The Titans are going to have to impose their will today. New Orleans wants to play a finesse game on offense. It will be ugly if the Titans let them. Jerry Gray sent the message early this week that he wanted to see some shots today. Hopefully his guys will take that to heart and knock the Saints out of their rhythm.

You know the drill here today. Open thread up in a bit. Check back after the game for a time for MCM Radio, but it