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Saints vs. Titans: Can Tennessee Turn the Game Into a Street Fight?

Albert Breer of says the Tennessee Titans need to turn this game into a street fight in order to have a chance to win:

Tennessee's built its team with strength along the line of scrimmage, something that's finally being accentuated now that Chris Johnson has played himself back into shape. And we'll find out something about that team this weekend with the Saints coming to Nashville. But I think there'll be plenty to explore here too with New Orleans, the team I picked to win the Super Bowl back in August. The Titans are built the same way the 49ers are, and San Francisco's style could well be kryptonite to the way New Orleans and Green Bay play, since the 49ers are capable of turning games into street fights and taking high-flying teams out of their element.

His larger point there is why a team like the 49ers might be able to knock off the Saints or Packers in the NFC playoffs, but this message is the same one Jerry Gray was trying to send earlier in the week.

You have to be aggressive with a team like the Saints. They want to play flag football on offense, and teams are allowing them to do that this year. That is why you see Drew Brees putting up the numbers he is. You have to knock them out of that (if that is still allowed in the NFL today). That means hitting Drew Brees a lot. I am not talking about taking any cheap shots, but the Titans' D line needs to make Brees look like Blaine Gabbert in the pocket- like a scared little girl.

It almost means coming up to the line of scrimmage and jamming their receivers and especially Jimmy Graham. Frank Wycheck is constantly yelling on the radio about how no one jams the tight end at the line anymore. That is why you see these guys putting up numbers like wide receivers. The Titans need to put a defensive end over Graham and make sure he doesn't get a free release all day long.

The Titans can win this game, but like Breer said in his article, only if they turn it into a street fight. That is what Titans' defenses were built on back in the day. If anyone can bring that out in them it is Gray. Here's to hoping his message has resonated with the team this week.