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New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans: Keys to Victory

1. Contain Graham. Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is quite possibly the best tight end in the league this year. He has become Drew Brees's favorite target, with more receptions than any player in the NFC. The Saints have lost 2 of the 3 games in which defenses have held him to less than 60 yards receiving. Jerry Gray challenged his defense, especially his safeties, to hit and hit hard. Michael Griffin is going to be big in this game in order to limit Graham's yards after catch.

2. Eat up the clock. The Titans are converting third downs at just a measly 38 percent rate, which includes gaining just 2 of 11 conversions last week against the Bills. The easiest way to keep the Saints from scoring is to keep them from getting the ball. With the Titans finding a real running game ,with Chris Johnson hitting his stride, the Titans need to have lengthy scoring drives that eat up the clock. That is, as long as they aren't playing from behind...

3. Get off to a quick start. The Titans are going to need to get a lot of points from a lot of different places to score enough points to keep up with the Saints, who are second in the league with 32.8 points per game. A good way to begin that is to score during the opening drive. The Titans have not been very good at getting off to a good start this year. The Titans need to score first, score early, and not play from behind. Plus they can ride the momentum that an early score at home brings.