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Fantasy Football Week 14: I've Pulled Two All-Nighters in the Past Three Days

I am so tired. Sorry for the briefness of this but I am barely alive... Happy Finals Week!

QB Starters

Joe Flacco

Matt Moore

Matt Hasselbeck

Alex Smith

QB Benchers

Aaron Rodgers

Kevin Kolb

Tony Romo

Andy Dalton

RB Starters

Maurice Jones-Drew

Roy Helu, Jr.

Michael Bush

Marshawn Lynch

RB Benchers

Cedric Benson

Donald Brown

Mark Ingram

Beanie Wells

WR Starters

Damian Williams

Torrey Smith

Julio Jones

Johnny Knox

WR Benchers

DeSean Jackson

Nate Washington

Larry Fitzgerald

TE Starters

Jared Cook

Anthony Fasano

Dustin Keller

Vernon Davis

TE Benchers

Owen Daniels

Jermaine Gresham

Fred Davis

D/ST Starters





D/ST Benchers





Sorry for the shortness everybody. I'm dying from lack of sleep and was tempted to not even write this but I couldn't do that so here's the brief, quicky version of the weekly fantasy football report.

Hope all your finals are going well and you dominate your fantasy playoffs! If you have specific questions feel free to comment on here and I'll do my best to reply.